Privacy Policy - Atunya


Whether you are a private customer or a company, your choice of us as a brand is based on trust. Protecting that trust is important to us in everything we do, also in the privacy and data protection area.

Questions about privacy and data protection are becoming increasingly complex and important as e-commerce grows and becomes a daily routine for many. In line with that trend, more and more people are anxious and curious to know how information about them is handled.

At Atunya, we strongly believe in the concept of full transparency. We strive always to tell the truth about how your personal information is handled and how we reason when we take a stand on questions about privacy and data protection issues.

For us, the issue of privacy is not that complicated. It can be summarized in five key points:

1) We handle all information about you with the greatest respect, confidentiality and caution possible. We are highly risk-conscious about protecting your privacy in how we design our services and systems.

2) We handle personal data to send offers and marketing via email and text message. We use it to send newsletters, personal offers and reminders about products being back in stock. This handling can include profiling. The handling happens with your approval or our rightful interest to send direct marketing.

3) We only provide the information necessary about you to the companies involved in delivering your order, handling your payment and transporting it to your home, for example, your telephone number, in case there is any problem with delivering your order.

4) You are entitled to request a registry extract at any time from the information we collected about you. You also hold the right to have your details changed or deleted if desired.

5) We are always open to your thoughts and opinions. Please contact us by email, Facebook or Instagram if you have questions. Our door is always open for you.

The very reason for our commitment to privacy and data protection comes from our respect for you as a customer and the trust you have put in us by shopping with us.


The Atunya website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored on your device when you visit a website. They help us enhance your user experience on our site and help us learn what information interests you. We use cookies only to personalize the service offered to you. As a user, your right to disable cookies by configuring your Internet browser settings is reserved.

Please be aware that by doing so, you will no longer be able to use the personalized service provided by Atunya via the website.


We must collect your personal information to fulfill the agreement. Personal information is considered any information that directly or indirectly can be connected to an individual. The information submitted at registration is registered and handled by Atunya. You have a right to request once a year an extract of the information registered about you.

If any information is incorrect, incomplete or deceptive, we will, of course, correct it if you inform us. You can also request to have the information about you deleted. Atunya only uses the information to fulfill the agreement and does not sell personal information to any third party. By accepting these terms and conditions, you also acknowledge that Atunya collects and handles your personal information.


Atunya is conducting serious and ambitious work regarding security. We are continuously upgrading and updating our efforts to ensure that this site is a safe place for our customers.

Any attempts to defraud, use false or stolen credit card data, access another person’s shopping account or similar attempts or other criminal misconduct will be reported to the police authorities. Please be aware that we are tracking IP addresses for use in criminal investigations and proceedings.