Yard Battle - Atunya


Most of us fell for hockey already as children – in the yard, the street or the school parking lot. All it took to turn on the adrenaline was a club, a ball and a bunch of game-hungry friends. You probably remember yourself some summer when you did nothing but play from morning to evening.

By arranging Yard Battle, we want to invite you and your friends to participate in the most fun tournament of the summer. It is tailored for the game of hockey in its purest, most original form: street. Each team consists of 6 players in total with 3 on the field at the same time. The matches are 2 x 5 minutes. Expect high match pace, unexpected twists and intense dusters.

Yard Battle is hosted by two-time Stanley Cup champion Johnny Oduya and Atunya. All profits from Yard Battle goes to Kenya’s youth hockey through Atunya Foundation. No true hockey head wants to miss this. It will undoubtedly be the hottest hockey weekend of the summer.

Atunya actively supports youth hockey in places outside the sport’s traditional geographical residence. In June 2021, we went to Nairobi, Kenya with rollerblades and match jerseys for hockey-loving young people who every Sunday play roller hockey in a parking lot in the city center.

Watch the film from Atunya’s Nairobi trip HERE